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Skillfully Restoring surfaces

Why Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing or power washing is the use of high-pressure water spray to remove dirt, mold, algae, oil, grime, salt, dust, and gum from buildings, concrete grounds and other surfaces. Pressure washing can improve the appearance, smell and safety of surfaces. For legality and safety, it’s important to hire a licensed pressure washing contractor with the proper CSLB license, C-61/D-38.

We are licensed, bonded, fully insured and qualified to clean all types of surfaces and structures including:

  • Parking structuresResidential homesOffice buildingsRestaurantsConcrete sidewalksTrash enclosuresTrash chutes • Condominiumsand more!

Custom Power Washing Services

Every property has its unique challenges and problem areas when it comes to cleaning. We offer free on-site inspections for pressure washing inquires to evaluate the issues so we can give you a custom "plan of attack" and competitive price. For an even better value, consider a maintenance cleaning plan to keep your property looking its best!

Keeping Walkways Safe and Clean

Over time walkways can develop algae growth due to sprinkler run off or rains. These areas can be very slippery when wet and become a walking hazard. We can remove not only algae, but gum, paint, oil and spills. We can even post-treat surfaces to kill the organic growth deep down and lengthen the time it takes the algae to come back. To prevent a costly accident, let us clean your walking surfaces and restore the appearance of your concrete, brick or asphalt.

Easy Maintenance Schedules

All surfaces will get dirty over time, but commercial areas and high traffic areas need to be cleaned more frequently to keep the appearance and hygiene of the property high. Creating a maintenance schedule for your property reduces your workload, saves you money per cleaning and keeps your property looking its best. We even work nights to prevent disruption at your place of business. Ask us for a custom maintenance plan today!

Soft Washing

For surfaces with heavy algae, mold or organic growth, we utilize soft washing. This method uses very low psi to apply soap that attacks the organic growth, then we follow that with a light rinse. This is ideal for shingle roofs, stucco and other painted surfaces.

Leave Us The Dirty Work

No one likes the smell of old trash. Count us in to clean your trash enclosure or even trash chutes on a regular maintenance schedule today.

Graffiti Removal

It may be art to some, but graffiti is defacement to the property owner. When you need unsightly graffiti removed quickly, give us a call. We have experience removing graffiti from concrete, brick and more.

Water Reclamation

To comply with local and state regulations, we are fully equipped to reclaim all water run off.

Available Day or Night

We are available for appointments any time of the day or night. In fact, most of our commercial appointments are completed at night. Working after hours means we can work more efficiently, and ensure our work does not disturb your staff or visitors.

Powerful, yet safe

We are often asked if pressure washing will damage siding or concrete. The honest answer is, it all depends on the user. A hammer can be a dangerous tool in the hand of a novice, but hits it's mark in the hand of a pro. Our technicians have been trained to identify and adapt the distance, angle and PSI to pressure wash any surface safely and effectively.

Latest VideO

What is soft washing? Many homeowners are concerned that pressure washing will damage their home's exterior. That's where soft washing comes into play. Soft washing a safe and proven technique to clean many types of exterior surfaces.

Tawny B

"As a property manager, I found Pure Cleaning through one of my Board members. They recommended them for a unique building on the ocean with glass railings. Cade and his staff were always super responsive and did an excellent job. They paid attention to detail and communicated well with onsite residents."

Frequently Asked Questions

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