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No stress, Just Sparkles

All-Inclusive Window Cleaning Service

Our window cleaning packages are custom built to meet your home or office's specific needs. We offer all-inclusive packages which include interior and exterior window cleaning, screen cleaning and window sill and track cleaning.  We leave nothing on your glass but air. Not only can we remove dirt, but also remove hard water stains, stucco splatter, paint, greasy finger prints, dog drool and more!

Your home is your sanctuary

Window cleaning is a sensitive job. You don't want just anyone in your home or office cleaning windows. But we promise, you won't find a nicer bunch of guys/gals then our crew. We treat our clients like family. Our uniformed technicians will arrive at your home on time and prepared to provide the absolute best service. It’s our goal to ensure you feel comfortable with our technicians, while having the utmost confidence in our quality of work. We recognize that we are guests in your home we and strive to make you feel respected, safe and well taken care of while we service the place you call home.

Home Maintenance Plans

A client favorite! It can be hard to find time to call us, and it often gets put on the back burner till it’s over due. Why not let us tailor a cleaning plan with you to perfectly match your needs? Not only do your window stay cleaner, but we offer big discounts on plans, to boot!

Creating safe solutions for tough jobs

Using the latest carbon fiber technology, we can safely clean windows 6 stories up while standing on the ground. We clean buildings of all types in Southern California and we love a good challenge. Why not let us solve your cleaning problem today?

Solar Panel Cleaning

Proper cleaning is vital for maximum solar energy output. Soil buildup can reduce array output by 20% or more. When your solar panels are clean, well maintained, and in excellent condition, you are protecting the investment and helping your panels to run more efficiently. You will immediately notice the difference. Ask us about setting up a maintenance plan!

Tawny B

"As a property manager, I found Pure Cleaning through one of my Board members. They recommended them for a unique building on the ocean with glass railings. Cade and his staff were always super responsive and did an excellent job. They paid attention to detail and communicated well with onsite residents."

Frequently Asked Questions

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